a pig prank perfect for april fool's

This Sunday is April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's—the one day a year in which you have carte blanche to TP the front yard of your most uppity neighbor, sport your dad's old water-spouting boutoniere, and now—thanks to this tutorial from Cool Sh*t—grease up some pigs and set them loose, terrorizing mall rent-a-cops near you. (Let's face it, you're not likely to have a more perfect opportunity to see pigs face off with pigs in your lifetime.)

So what will you need for this installation of How-Tuesday? Access to a few pigs (here's hoping you didn't tick off your farmer friend with last April Fool's cow-tipping joke); abundant amounts of grease (we hear pigs prefer being rubbed down with Crisco—the poor dears have no idea they'll likely someday be frying in it); a heavy-duty marker; and some enclosed space that's good and public. (The better to hear both livestock and humans squeal alike.)

Then follow these steps to see folks go—quite literally—hog wild.

Note: When performed correctly, no pigs, mall patrons, or officers of the law are injured or mistreated in this prank's execution. Remember karma, and what cruel, cruel form she is known to take.

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