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weekend sexscape: a guide to your very own sensual journey

The weekend is here and the pressure is on to make the most of your 48 hours of work freedom. How will you spend it?

Well, for those of you seeking a new adventure of sorts, we've created a "Weekend SexScape" guide guaranteed to inspire your very own sensual journey. Start the night with great cocktails like a Dark and Stormy or Meyer Lemon Drop, and a delicious antipasto platter and tuna tartare. The real fun begins with how-to adventures from the pages of 50 Nights in Gray, followed by a decadent chocolate dessert. The morning after, explore re-energizing brunch options from Breakfast Comforts, Two in the Kitchenand Waffles.

If this isn't a reason to spend a night in we don't know what is. 

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