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a world of fascinating facts in graphic detail
8¾ by 8¾ inches; 288 pages
october 2011
ISBN 9780062082831
about this book

Finally, a reference guide that will transform you into the insufferable know-it-all you always wanted to be! Listomania gathers 2,663 of the world’s coolest, most useful, and most bizarre facts, and presents them in colorful, engaging infographics and illustrations. Inside, you’ll find 190 visual lists of the tallest, oldest, strangest, and most scandalous things throughout history and around the world, including: 14 beauty queen scandals, 20 strange art supplies, 15 unlikely intoxicants, 18 things that fell from the sky, 7 unethical things done in the name of science, 15 critters with strange mating habits, and hundreds more trivial tidbits that’ll make you say “I didn’t know that,” “I never looked at it like that before,” or maybe just “Wow!” Published by Harper Design, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

about the author

Listomania was specially created by the same team that brought you Show Me How, a revolutionary book that taught the world how to do, well, everything—one step at a time, all in clever, cheeky illustrations. With Listomania, the same crew is at it again, displaying the same thirst for fascinating facts, unrelenting wit, and obsession with illustrations that both inform and entertain.

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