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show me how to survive

the handbook for the ultimate hero
8 by 8¼ inches; 144 pages
june 2011
ISBN 9781616281328
category: how-to, outdoors
about this book

Do you know what to do when a mountain lion attacks? How to build a fire in the wilderness? How to fend off an armed attacker? With a little help from the survival experts at Outdoor Life magazine and expert author Joseph Pred, you can learn how to handle whatever curve balls life throws you. Fun, helpful, highly descriptive, and occasionally downright wacky, this visual guide demystifies everything from the essential (how to perform CPR) to the unusual (how to fight a shark) to the downright bizarre (how to survive the fall of civilization), each explained in nearly wordless step-by-step illustrations.

about the author

Joseph Pred is a trained EMT, firefighter, and disaster-management specialist whose expertise also encompasses public health, outdoor survival, and firearms safety. He is the head of all public safety and emergency services for the annual Burning Man festival, and lives in San Francisco.

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