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the total outdoorsman manual

374 skills you need
foreword by anthony licata
7½ by 9½ inches; 320 pages
ISBN 9781616280611
category: how-to, outdoors
about this book

For more than 100 years, Field & Stream magazine has provided expert advice on every aspect of the outdoor life, including hunting, fishing, conservation, and wilderness survival. The magazine's annual Total Outdoorsman issue is one of its most popular, read by over nine million sporting enthusiasts. Now, you can have all of that expertise in one handy package.

It’s one thing to bag the biggest bass in the lake, or to be a great shot with a bow, or to start a fire with a wet log. To master the outdoors, though, you’ll need all these skills and more. The Total Outdoorsman Manual is the outdoor bible for sportsmen (and armchair sportsmen), containing hundreds of tips on fishing, hunting, survival, and camping that help enthusiasts of any level thrive in the great outdoors. Learn how to track a buck, master bowhunting and knife skills, and haul, butcher, and cook game; flyfish, baitcast, and spin; deal with raging rivers and mean bears; and set up camp, stay warm, eat well, and build a fire in record time. In short, let The Total Outdoorsman make you a pro.

The Total Outdoorsman is now also available as a digital edition on the iBookstore.

about the author

Field & Stream editor-at-large T. EDWARD NICKENS is known for do-it-yourself wilderness adventures and profiles about people and places where hunting and fishing are the heart and soul of a community. He has chased ptarmigan and char north of the Arctic Circle, antelope in Wyoming, and striped marlin from a kayak in Baja California. Author of Field & Stream's "Total Outdoorsman" skills features, he is also host, writer, and coproducer for a number of Field & Stream's television and web shows, among them The Total Outdoorsman Challenge and Heroes of Conservation. Nickens has been a National Magazine Award finalist, and has won more than thirty writing awards, including three "Best of the Best" top honors awards from the Outdoors Writers Association of America. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, within striking distance of mountain trout, saltwater flyfishing, and a beloved 450-acre hunting lease that has been the cause of many a tardy slip for his two school-age children.

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