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  • The Ultimate Survival Manual
  • The Ultimate Survival Manual
  • The Ultimate Survival Manual
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the ultimate survival manual

333 skills that will get you out alive
7½ by 9½ inches; 256 pages
may 2012
ISBN 9781616282189
category: how-to, outdoors
about this book

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. The people who survive are those who know what to do: They have their earthquake kits packed, their compasses at the ready, and their self-defense moves down pat. Everyone wants to believe that they are that person—the one who would prevail whether they found themselves facing a tornado, an angry bear, or a revolution in a third-world country.

Filled with clear, concise instructions, helpful diagrams, essential checklists, and inspirational first-person stories from the survival pros at Outdoor Life magazine, this book is a fascinating armchair read that might just save the reader’s life. Sprinkled throughout are real-life “extreme survival” stories of amazing feats that both inform and entertain. Even if the most terrifying thing you’ve ever survived is a traffic jam, this book is a must-read. 

about the author

When it comes to survival, Rich Johnson has done a lot of it. He’s worked as a demolition sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, a Coast Guard Auxiliary instructor, an EMT, a fire fighter, and a policeman. In his off hours, he’s excelled as an advanced SCUBA diver, paratrooper, sailor, and skier, and survived in the desert wilderness for a year with his wife and small children—part of which involved living in a cave and eating bugs. He’s written extensively for Outdoor Life and is the author of Rich Johnson’s Guide to Wilderness Survival.

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