• prepare for anything survival manual
  • prepare for anything survival manual
  • prepare for anything survival manual
  • prepare for anything survival manual
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prepare for anything survival manual

338 essential skills
9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches; 256 pages
may 2014
ISBN 9781616288396
about this book

Be Prepared; Be A Survivor!

Are you preparing for the collapse of society? If so, is you are definitely not alone. In this timely follow-up to The Ultimate Survival ManualPrepare for Anything is packed with hundreds of gear, skills, and survival tips and strategies to help you be ready for anything, from economic collapse and terrorism to natural disasters and government surveillance.

Gear Up Learn where to begin, from stocking and storing your food and water correctly to buying the right gear for your area, as well as how to create the perfect Bug-Out Bag—and emergency plan—for any situation.

Get Skilled Fortune favors the prepared—and the multi-talented. When disaster strikes, will you know how to perform first aid, defend your home, and remain self-reliant? Learn skills that will get you through everything from a power outage to a hurricane to the apocalypse. 

Survive Anything If the worst happens...what happens next? Your survival, if you're read this book. You'll learn how to handle everything from organizing a community and protecting your homestead to growing food, purifying water, and even making weapons. 

about the author

Tim MacWelch, founder and head instructor at Master Woodsman School, has had a love of the outdoors from a young age, growing up on a farm in the rolling hills of Virginia. Eating wild berries, fishing for trout and learning about the animals of the forest were an everyday part of his country life. Tim has been an active practitioner of survival and outdoor skills for over twenty-four years; and he has been actively teaching survival skills for the past 16 years. Tim and his wilderness school have been on Good Morning America and National Geographic , and featured in several publications including Conde Nast Traveler Magazine  and the Washington Post  newspaper. Tim has written articles for Outdoor Life  magazine, The Virginia Sportsman  newspaper, and for several blogs and online survival sites. At the beginning of 2011, Tim became the head contributor for the Outdoor Life Survival  website, and providing them with 3 articles per week, every week.

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