the best bites for a playdate

If you’ve got a little one with a lifestyle as hectic as yours, there a big world out there for little eyes, then you know it can often be difficult to make sure they eat right. Luckily Kim Laidlaw, author of the Baby and Toddler Cookbook, is coming to the rescue with her new release Baby and Toddler on the Go.

Here we will have a look at some of the best bites that you can make ahead of time and pack up easily when you send your toddler to playgroup or a friend’s house. These nibbles are friendly for tummies of 12 months and up, which includes hungry moms and dads!


1. Mac and Cheese Bites


Pack up a taste of home with these hearty little bites that you can make well in advance, you can shake up the flavor and add extra nutritional value buy mixing in extras such as chicken and vegetables before baking. These treats can be frozen and kept for up to three months.


2. Mini Salmon Cakes



A great introduction to fish, full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, these fancy nibbles will help develop your toddler’s tastebuds. You can bring along some plain whole milk yoghurt for dipping to make the eating experience even more fun.


3. Chicken and Veggie Rice Paper Rolls


These rolls are super-modifiable and lunchbox friendly! Add an oriental twist to your little one’s diet with this tactile dish, perfect even for bigger kids. For the ideal homemade meal, avoid store-bought sauces as they may be higher in sugar than ones you can make at home.


4. Get creative with Pita Pockets!

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to these finger friendly fillers. Try to go for wholemeal pitas and keep a variety of veggies and proteins for a balanced meal. Any of these fillings also work well with wholewheat rolls, flatbread, sliced breads and wraps.


Just don’t be too tempted to eat your toddler’s lunch before they get the chance!