curl up with an irish coffee

Nothing fancy for you this weekend, just a really tasty recipe for that classic cool-weather cocktail, Irish Coffee! Our weekend plans usually include some variation of reading in front of a roaring fire or Netflix-bingeing from underneath a pile of blankets, which both pair perfectly with this perky drink. For an extra touch of flair, you can always add flavoring to either the cream or the drink itself. Pumpkin spice, anyone?


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1 1⁄2 oz Irish whiskey

3 oz coffee

2 teaspoons sugar

For the cream:

2 oz heavy cream

1 1⁄2 teaspoons sugar






In a chilled shaker, combine the heavy cream and 11⁄2 teaspoons sugar, and shake until the cream thickens and the sugar dissolves. You don’t need stiff peaks—nor butter (which will happen if you shake too long). Set aside.

Combine remaining ingredients in an Irish Coffee glass and stir to combine. Top with a float of cream. Add a garnish or flavorings, if desired.


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