freshen up your space with farmhouse style

New year, new home! Well, okay, maybe you’re not planning on a big move this year, but you can still freshen up your home with new designs. The modern farmhouse look is a big trend right now, and thankfully it’s easy to incorporate elements here and there to make your home feel cozy- while still getting a new look. Check out these tips from Modern Farmhouse Style on materials for your living room- or any room!- to freshen up your home.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Materials

Even as our homes have become more casual and fluid, we still maintain a purposeful divide in some spaces. Take the living room: It’s often a bit more formal, a bit more quiet. For many, it can be the room in which screens (big and little) are not allowed. How can we retain the refined sanctuary feel of these great rooms while still embracing rustic charm? Try these materials for a space that is luxe enough for entertaining, relaxed enough for Friday night with the fam.


Leave the texture and color variations of brick chimneys or accent walls exposed. It adds warmth to today’s more contemporary collection of white walls, slipcovers, and window treatments.


From its original use as exterior siding, shiplap has evolved into a cool wall and ceiling covering. While it was often left rough‑hewn or unfinished on the outside of buildings in its first heyday, today’s trend-setters paint it a smooth white on interior walls.


When it comes to design ebbs and flows, wallpaper has certainly experienced its share of ups and downs. But easier application and more options—such as temporary designs—make this a vibrant way to add pattern or retro colors to a modern farmhouse space. Consider using it on a single wall for an accent.


There’s no controversy about it: Wood just works, either in contemporary or farmhouse spaces, which is what makes it such a taskmaster when you combine the two styles. Take a field trip to a local lumber yard to scout the tree type, edge style, and wash or stain that speaks to you. Then consider it in a new trim or architectural detail, or even as a living room’s focal point with a built-in shelving system or mantel.


Clean lines and muted hues can make tile a good way to add soothing visuals to a more personalized collection of vintage, farmhouse‑style finds. But the flip side is true, too: Tile comes in an amazing array of patterns and colors that can pep up and really make fireplaces and floors in a living room (not to mention in kitchens and bathrooms).





For more tips on incorporating modern farmhouse designs into your home, check out Modern Farmhouse Style on Amazon now!

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