Our Korean Kitchen
Written By: Jordan Bourke, Rejina Pyo
Critically acclaimed chef and food writer Jordan and his Korean wife Rejina provide a cultural history of the food of Korea giving context to the recipes that follow. This comprehensive collection of 100+ authentic and accessible dishes explores the ingredients and techniques needed to master Korean cooking.

From how to stock a Korean pantry, to full menu ideas, to recipes for every meal and craving, this is the only guide to Korean cooking you’ll ever need. You’ll find delicious recipes for Bibimbap, Kimchi Fried Rice, Crispy Chili Rice Cakes, Chicken Dumpling Soup, Seafood & Silken Tofu Stew, Pickled Garlic, Seafood & Spring Onion Pancakes, Shrimp and Sweet Potato Tempura, Knife-cut Noodles in Seafood Broth, Soy-Marinated Crab, Grilled Pork Belly with Sesame Dip, Grilled Beef Short Ribs, Deep Fried Honey Cookies, and so much more!

Rice & Savory Porridge
Soups & Stews
Vegetables, Pickles & Sides
Pancakes, Fritters & Tofu
Format: PLC
Publication Date: 4/18/2017
ISBN: 9781681881867
Pages: 272
Trim Size: 7.75 x 10 x 1.2

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Jordan Bourke, Author: Jordan Bourke was Named the winner of the K-Food Festival, a competition searching for the UK’s best Korean chef. He was also awarded an honorary ambassadorship by the Korean Foreign Ministry to promote Korean food in the UK. He learned his craft in Korea from a number of the most respected chefs and food producers in the country, as well as his wife, Regina Pyo, his frequent collaborator.