The Complete X-Files [Limited Edition]

Behind the Series, the Myths, and the Movies

Written By: Matt Hurwitz, Chris Knowles, Chris Carter
The Complete X-Files (Limited Edition) is the only authorized debriefing on all nine seasons of the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning science fiction television series and films created by Chris Carter. The X-Files creator and producer Chris Carter takes us into his never-before-seen archives with explanations of unsolved plots, discussion of the FBI’s paranormal investigations bureau, breakdowns of popular episodes, as well as insider information on both X-Files films. Discover the facts behind Mulder’s alien abduction, Scully’s secret objectives, the designs of the shadowy “Cancer Man,” and get the full story of the Mythology episodes.

The Complete X-Files brings you behind the scenes of this remarkable series. For the first time, the brilliant creators of The X-Files—actors, writers, directors and producers—share with you the secrets of what set this show apart from all others. You will learn about the unique methodology—and philosophy—that changed the face of television drama. You will see just how hard these dedicated men and women worked to create episodic television that looked and felt like big-budget Hollywood movies. In addition to exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, The Complete X-Files brings you previously unpublished photographs giving you a backstage view of the making of the television series and the two X-Files feature films.

Harrowing truths wait in this exclusive tome of untold secrets and mysteries, offering a unique lens into the mind behind the mythos of the continuing X-Files saga. The Complete X-Files will captivate fans, conspiracy theorists, and science-fiction audience proving that nothing is what it seems, but “the truth is out there.”

Each book comes numbered and signed by X-Files creator Chris Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz in an exclusive “black oil” limited edition clamshell and includes exclusive prints from on the X-Files set.
Format: Limited Edition
Publication Date: 8/1/2009
ISBN: 9781933784809
Pages: 208
Trim Size: 11 x 12.5

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Matt Hurwitz, Author: Matt Hurwitz is a prolific entertainment journalist, having written for Daily Variety, the Washington Post, the Hollywood Reporter, Videography, the Los Angeles Times, American Cinematographer, Wired, and Fade In. A native of the Washington, D.C. area, Hurwitz currently lives in Los Angeles.

Chris Knowles, Author: Chris Knowles is the author of the Eagle Award-winning Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes. He is also a contributing writer to Classic Rock and an associate editor on the five-time Eisner Award-winning magazine Comic Book Artist. He lives with his family in New Jersey.

Chris Carter, Contributor: Chris Carter is the creator and executive producer of The X-Files, a concept he developed as synthesis of urban myths, conspiracy theory, and stories of extraterrestrial abduction. The X-Files remained a hit primetime evening show from 1993 to 2002, inspiring two movies, video games, and multiple network spin-offs.