The Total Bicycling Manual

268 Tips for Two-Wheeled Fun

Written By: Robert F. James, Bicycle Times Magazine
You never forget how to ride a bike . . . but do you know how to get a great deal on a used bike (and avoid getting ripped off!), set up your commuter bike for optimal safety (without sacrificing fun), plan the perfect family ride for kids of all ages, and train for your first endurance ride? Bicycle Times magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of “everyday cyclists”—riders who care more about having a great ride than spending a year’s salary on a tricked-out racing bike. Their mission is to make cycling fun and accessible for everyone . . . families, commuters, travelers, and weekend warriors included.

This book is the one practical manual every cyclist should have—right next to the toolbox or stashed in a pannier. A quick but comprehensive intro chapter on finding the right bike for every need (and why so many cyclists are sure they need one of each!), which includes detailed information on what to look for in a new or used bike, when to pay a little more for components, and where you can economize creatively.

Filled with practical, wheels-on-the-ground tips, this book will make you a better rider, take you places you never thought you’d go, and make sure you never get stranded by the roadside without the tools or know-how to fix your ride.
Format: Flexibound
Publication Date: 7/31/2018
ISBN: 9781681881591
Pages: 224
Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.5 x .7

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Robert F. James, Author: Robert F. James is a hardcore endurance cyclist, retired U.S. Navy, bicycle shop staffer, professor of literature, and professional writer. In his spare time, he operates a small farm in Northern California. He recently completed his first AIDS ride (a 7-day, 545-mile fund-raising ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles), and has completed the Furnace Creek 508 several times—a 508-mile ride in the heat of October through Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. He claims that this is fun.Bicycle Times magazine has been publishing in print for over a decade; they recently moved to a web-based format. Their site receives over 75,000 unique visitors per month, with some 285,000 riders reach total between newsletter, social, and how-to content.