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Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and whether you celebrate it as a holiday or just a reason to get together with family or friends, here are a couple of recipes from some of our new Spring/Summer releases that hopefully brighten your celebration! Appetizer: Mushroom & Goat Cheese Bruschetta For a dish that looks fancy, tastes great, and is deceptively simple to make, try this Mushroom MORE...
healthy dish of the day blog post
Planning healthy and delicious meals all year long is easy with Williams-Sonoma's Healthy Dish of the Day. With 365 seasonally inspired recipes—one for every day of the year—fresh, flavorful meals will keep your family happy and healthy! Lean proteins, seasonal vegetables, whole grains, and good fats—this is the MORE...
superfoods breakfast
It's a new year and a new you, and time for better breakfast habits. Rushing out the door and barely pausing to grab a bag of peanut M&Ms or a spoonful of Nutella while justifying the minimal protein consumption is so 2013. This year—even though you are just as busy as you were last year—it's time to make the conscious decision to eat a healthy first meal of the day no matter how much time you MORE...
One of my favorite things about being a cookbook editor is working with superbly talented people on a regular basis. Collaborating with chefs is perhaps the most rewarding of my multifaceted job description, and I so enjoy helping them bring their stories to life on the page. My most recent project is MORE...
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