How to Defeat Dragons
Written By: Catherine Leblanc, Roland Garrigue
They breathe fire, brandish sharp claws, and flap their giant wings . . . even the bravest knights are afraid of dragons. Luckily, thanks to this book filled with unbeatable tricks, readers possess all the secrets to destroying those scaly beasts!

With clever text and whimsical illustrations, How to Defeat Dragons helps children banish their fears—and have fun doing it—with clever tricks and tips for getting rid of dragons.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 4/1/2014
ISBN: 9781608873418
Pages: 32
Trim Size: 9.25 x 10.5 x .4

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Catherine Leblanc, Author: Catherine Leblanc lives in Angers, France, where she was born. A trained psychologist, she writes novels and poems for children and adults.

Roland Garrigue, Illustrator: Roland Garrigue was born in Paris, and from kindergarten to today, he has never ceased drawing. After three years of study in Strasbourg, he returned to Paris to concentrate fully on illustration for young readers. He has searched the most unexpected and mysterious places in order to create the frightening sketches of abominable creatures for this series.