Jane Austen: Pencil Pouch
Show your love of Jane Austen’s Emma: Celebrate your Jane Austen fandom with this pencil pouch. Take your stationery, art supplies, makeup, earbuds, chargers, glasses, and more on the go.

High-quality cotton canvas, with interior nylon lining: This canvas pencil pouch is made to last, with a nylon interior and a durable zipper.

Unique, beautiful design: Featuring a full-color design to match the beauty of Jane Austen’s writing, this pencil pouch will inspire you to write beautifully too.

Perfect for all ages: Whether you’re a student just discovering the great works of Jane Austen, or a seasoned writer taking her favorite stationery on the go, this pencil pouch is great for all Jane Austen fans.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 4/13/2021
ISBN: 9781647223342
Trim Size: 8.25 x 3.5