Light on Death

The Spiritual Art of Dying

Written By: J. Phillip Jones
All of us die, and most of us are called upon to support loved ones or friends in dying or in grieving a death. We wonder about the nature of this universal phenomenon. Is dying only an uninvited tragedy or can it also be seen as a sacred passage? Can one's end of life journey be a time of completion and even growth? Light on Death views life as a pilgrimage culminating in the Great Transition at death. Drawing on Eastern insights from the ancient sages of India as well as modern hospice experiences, the author explores a spiritual art of dying in which death is the last and most powerful rite of passage.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 7/27/2007
ISBN: 9781601091079
Pages: 96
Trim Size: 4.75 x 7 x .7

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J. Phillip Jones, Author: J. Phillip Jones, MA, LMHC, is a psychotherapist who served as an interfaith hospice spiritual counselor in Hawaii for over 13 years. Previous to his hospice work, Phillip travelled the country as a Hindu monk for six years. Phillip has encouraged, counseled and guided over 2,000 hospice patients of all faiths and beliefs. He has trained over a thousand hospice staff and volunteers to understand the existential and spiritual issues that arise near the end of life and has served on the faculty of two National Hospice Conferences.