Questions for My Grandmother

150 Conversation Starters Sharing Memories of a Lifetime

Get to know your grandmother and her life story in a whole new way: 150 engaging questions—some silly, some serious, all genuine—encourage grandkids of all ages to share in conversations with their beloved grandparent. Questions are inclusive and meant to appeal to a wide range of grandmothers and grandkids. This special box set includes a blank notebook for jotting down notes, memories, and new questions to ask.

Conversation starters include:
● Tell me how you first learned you were going to become a grandmother. How did you feel?
● What has surprised you most about the twenty-first century?
● What nicknames have you had throughout your life?
● Were you ever bullied? What did you do?
● Tell me a story from a favorite family gathering.
● Tell me something about yourself that most people don’t notice.
● What is something that never fails to cheer you up?
Format: Kit
Publication Date: 2/1/2022
ISBN: 9781681888415
Pages: 150
Trim Size: 3.5 x 5.25 x 3.75