Scoop, Vol. 1

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Written By: Richard Ashley Hamilton, Peter Pantazis, Alba Cardona, Jisoo Kim, Joseph Cooper
Meet fourteen-year-old Sophie Cooper—red-headed Cuban-American, high school freshman, and daughter of a loving father currently under house arrest for embezzlement and money laundering. While her mother struggles to support the family and her bratty younger brother, Kit, sits around tinkering with his “inventions,” Sophie has only one goal: clearing her father’s name.

When an internship opens up at the local news station, Sophie seizes the chance to do a little investigating of her own. Unfortunately, WMIA 7 isn’t exactly CNN. In between logging Betacam tapes and fetching coffee for the station’s washed-up reporting team, Sophie sifts through the “broken stories”: crank-calls and dead-end tips reporting everything from UFOs to alligator-men. However, one name keeps popping up: Matheson Savings and Trust, the bank that accused Sophie’s father of money laundering. Sounds like a conspiracy to this cub reporter!

Determined to follow her lead, Sophie sets out to investigate the weirdness, uncover a conspiracy, and clear her family’s name . . . just as soon as she finishes her homework.
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 6/19/2018
ISBN: 9781683830849
Pages: 96
Trim Size: 7.75 x 10.25 x .4

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Richard Ashley Hamilton, Author: Richard Ashley Hamilton is the award-winning screenwriter best known for his storytelling across DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon, Trollhunters, and 3Below franchises. He wrote on the Daytime Emmy-winning first season of Dragons: Race to the Edge and the Lumiere award-winning How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Tour VR experience.

But in his heart, Richard remains a lifelong comics fan and has written for Dark Horse Comics, DC, and more. Richard currently writes his YA graphic novel series, SCOOP, for Insight Comics. and lives in L.A. with his wife and their two sons.

Peter Pantazis, Colorist: Peter Pantazis has been a professional color artist for over twenty years. He honed his craft as a member of the Wildstorm FX team for three years, and from there has been painting/coloring and illustrating projects.

Alba Cardona, Colorist: Alba Cardona was born and raised in Barcelona. Lover of fantasy and sketch drawing, Alba is a comic book colorist and artist. Her work includes coloring on The Comet Vol. 1 and Clockwork Lives by Insight Comics, as well as full illustrations for the Mean Girls: Senior Year graphic novel. Follow her on Instagram @alba.cardona3.

Jisoo Kim, Cover Artist: Born in South Korea, Jisoo Kim has studied animation since high school and continued her studies at the Korean National University of the Arts, and with a masters in the California Institute of Arts. She has worked for Disney and currently works at DreamWorks Animation Studios.

Joseph Cooper, Illustrator: Joseph Cooper is an American artist originally from Detroit, MI. After getting his start freelancing for local advertising agencies, he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He’s worked for Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dynamite and Image.