Limited Edition of 1701

Available on September 12, 2023
Each of the collectibles is a high-quality item that has been crafted especially for this advent calendar, making it the perfect gift for even the most demanding Trek fan.

The collectibles are appealing and practical; inside you’ll find a Starship Enterprise bottle opener and Klingon warship bookmark, a monstrous bottle stopper, solid metal Starfleet ice cubes, a shot glass straight from a starship bar, a spongey shuttle stress toy, a signed limited-edition print, and more.

Every item is officially approved and is based on a deep love of the show. The contents reflect every era of the franchise, from the original 1968 series to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Discovery, and beyond.
ISBN: 9798886633078

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12+ EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLES: Star Trek Shuttle Advent Calendar collectibles have been created especially for this calendar and have never been available before, making them true collector’s items for Star Trek fans of all ages

LIMITED EDITION: The calendar is produced in an extremely limited run of 1701: the registry number of Kirk’s Enterprise! Each contains a uniquely numbered letter of authenticity

SIGNED ART PRINT: Each Star Trek Shuttle Advent Calendar includes an art print individually hand-signed by Star Trek artist Ryan Dening

HIGH RETAIL VALUE: The premium-quality gifts are made from deluxe materials, including ceramic, metal, and fabric. The combined retail value of more than $250 makes this luxury gift an excellent value

Shuttle Box, 12 Prizes, Signed Art Print, Numbered Letter of Authenticity