Star Trek: Designing the Final Frontier

How Midcentury Modernism Shaped Our View of the Future

Written By: Dan Chavkin, Brian McGuire
Star Trek (1966-1969) was the first installment of one of the most successful and longest-running television franchises of all time. Today, Trek fans champion its writing, progressive social consciousness, and aesthetic. Star Trek: Designing the Final Frontier is a unique, expert look at the midcentury modern design that created and inspired that aesthetic. From Eames chairs to amorphous sculptures, from bright colors to futuristic frames, Star Trek is bursting with midcentury modern furniture, art, and design elements—many of them bought directly from famous design showrooms.

Author and midcentury modern design expert Dan Chavkin and Star Trek fan Brian McGuire have created an insider’s guide to the interior of the original starship Enterprise and beyond that is sure to attract Star Trek’s thriving global fan base.
Format: PLC
Publication Date: 8/3/2021
ISBN: 9781681885629
Pages: 168
Trim Size: 10.5 x 9.5 x .7

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Dan Chavkin, Author: Dan Chavkin began his photographic career studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has received critical acclaim for his architectural photography from several modern preservation organizations and magazine publications, and has published two books on mid-century modern design.

Brian McGuire, Co-Author: Brian McGuire is a biochemist and midcentury enthusiast. As an avowed Star Trek aficionado, he is also the co-author of STAR TREK: Designing the Final Frontier.
"A captivating and exceptionally well-researched examination of the original, legendary STAR TREK television series from a fresh perspective – previously unexplored in TOS literature – that focuses on the many beautiful and iconic works of Midcentury Modernist art and furnishings that are intrinsic to the show’s presentation of life in the 23rd century.

In a thoroughly enjoyable fashion, authors Dan Chavkin and Brian McGuire take the reader on a tour of the Original Series starship and planetary filming sets for several key episodes from each season of production and shine a spotlight on numerous artistic pieces of set decoration that range from futuristic chairs and tables to exotic wall sculptures and area rugs and even include the historic Salt Shakers used in the series’ famous premiere episode “The Man Trap”."--- Gerald Gurian, Author of book series, To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage

“Here is the one book we wish we had written. This delightfully illustrated and incredibly well-researched treatise is, as Mr. Spock might assert, quite ‘fascinating.’ The book's authors have meticulously catalogued, episode by episode, both the obvious and fleeting appearances of 20th century modernist design: the result is an indispensable handbook that will allow you to go on a design 'scavenger hunt' each time you watch your first favorite sci-fi TV series." --Ron & Barbara Marshall, 20th century design and architecture authors