The Great American Birthday Cake Book
Written By: Dean Brettschneider, Jazmine Nixon, Wendy Nixon
Learn how to create delicious, colorful, bakery-quality birthday cakes at home with this inspiring and comprehensive cookbook. The 80 recipes feature kid-friendly themes for all ages; step-by-step images and detailed primers on cake making and decorating—including icings, working with fondant, coloring, piping, and more—provide all the knowhow needed to create these memorable cakes. From mermaids, butterflies, and ballerinas to pigs, pirates, and dinosaurs—and even the latest in emojis—The Great American Birthday Cake Book has the perfect cake for everyone. Also included are spectacular creations, like marbled cakes, a fondant hydrangea–decorated cake, and a diamond-shaped cake for adults.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 5/30/2017
ISBN: 9781681882390
Pages: 212
Trim Size: 7.87 x 10.25 x 1

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Dean Brettschneider, Author: Dean Brettschneider has coauthored 12 books on bakers and baking. He owns and operates a bakery brand ‘Global Baker— Dean Brettschneider’ and opened an artisan bakery, café and foodstore, Baker & Cook, in 2012 in Singapore, as well as Plank Sourdough Pizza in 2015. Jazmine Nixon has been working as a cake decorator in New Zealand for the past 5 years.