The Magnificent Book of Creatures of the Abyss
Written By: Josh Hestermann, Bethanie Hestermann, Val Walerczuk
Get up close to some of extraordinary creatures that live in the abyss, the little-explored world thousands of feet beneath the ocean surface. A gulper eel with an inflatable mouth, a barreleye fish with a transparent head, a goblin shark with an extendable jaw, a vampire squid that can turn itself inside out, and a sea worm that drops "bombs", are just a few of the incredible creatures you’ll encounter.

Filled with facts and bright, bold, scientifically accurate illustrations, The Magnificent Book of Creatures of the Abyss takes young readers on a deep dive of adventure and exploration!

EXPLORE THE ABYSS: The abyss, or deepest parts of the oceans, is home to some of the weirdest, wildest, and most unique creatures on the planet.

36 INCREDIBLE CREATURES: Kids can learn about dozens of deep-sea dwellers, from the gulper eel with an inflatable mouth to the barreleye fish with a transparent head.

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Gorgeous, detailed, and scientifically accurate images bring some of the most incredible deep-sea creatures to life.

FASCINATING FACTS: Includes hundreds of fascinating facts in an easy-to-read format that will enthral animal lovers of all ages.

CREATURES OF THE ABYSS WORLD MAP: A full-page map shows where each creature lurks in the deep.

COLLECT THE SERIES: More beautifully illustrated compendiums for all ages include The Magnificent Book of Cats, The Magnificent Book of Horses, The Magnificent Book of Dangerous Animals, and The Magnificent Book of Sharks.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 3/21/2023
ISBN: 9781681889009
Pages: 80
Trim Size: 9.25 x 12

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Josh Hestermann, Author: Josh Hestermann is a zoologist at the Orange County Zoo, California, USA. He previously worked at the California Science Centre, the Aquarium of the Pacific, with marine mammals at Brookfield Zoo, and as a keeper, presenter, and educator at Phoenix Zoo.

Bethanie Hestermann, Author: Bethanie Hestermann writes animal-science books for children. She is passionate about educating others about animals and wildlife conservation through books, magazine articles, social media content, and blogs.

Val Walerczuk, Illustrator: Val Walerczuk believes anything is possible when it comes to creating art. This internationally acclaimed illustrator is a stickler for accuracy and attention to detail, and passionate about animals and natural history.