The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide to Planning Parties

Authentic Parties, Recipes, and Pranks from The Dundies to Kevin’s Famous Chili

Written By: Marc Sumerak, Julie Tremaine, Anne Murlowski
“At its worst, it was a toxic, political club used to make others feel miserable and left out. At its best, it planned parties."—Pam Beesly

Lead your very own party planning committee with this official guide to throwing The Office-inspired events! The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide to Planning Parties features twelve easy-to-follow party ideas with step-by-step instructions for creating the best PPC-approved parties, including recipes, decorations, office pranks, party games, and more!

Host an authentic New England garden party with James Trickington’s “helpful” tips and tricks; throw a holiday party with Orange-Vod-Juice-Ka, Angela Martin’s double fudge brownies, and a special visit from the Belsnickel; and more. Each party includes food, decor, and activities inspired by the beloved characters and the hilarious shenanigans from the hit NBC series.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 10/13/2020
ISBN: 9781683839439
Pages: 192
Trim Size: 8 x 10 x .9

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Marc Sumerak, Author: Marc Sumerak is an Eisner and Harvey Award–nominated writer and editor whose work over the past two decades has been featured in comics, books, and video games showcasing some of pop culture’s most beloved franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, and many more. Find out more at He is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Julie Tremaine, Co-Author: Julie Tremaine is a food and travel writer whose work has appeared in outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg Next, Yahoo!, Yankee Magazine, and Providence Monthly, where she was executive editor and creative director. Read more of her writing at

Anne Murlowski, Co-Author: Anne Murlowski is a digital marketer, avid party planner, and crafter.