The Official Far Cry Survival Manual
Written By: Josh Parker
From untamed tropical islands to towering mountains and beyond, the Far Cry video game series has taken players through a variety of exciting but dangerous lands. The Far Cry Survival Manual immerses readers in the Far Cry universe with practical tips on survival, self-defense, extreme sports, stunt driving, and more, inspired by these beloved games. Narrated by a journalist who goes to any extreme for his story in the Rook Islands, the Kingdom of Kyrat, Montana’s Hope County, and beyond, this guide is a personal record of his perilous adventures, and includes tips and instructions on how readers might be able to make it out alive as well. Readers will learn how to face dramatic and deadly scenarios, from tense covert ops to pirate-filled South Pacific islands, to even the prehistoric past. This manual will entertain and inform fans of this thrilling franchise and survival enthusiasts alike.
Format: Flexibound
Publication Date: 9/21/2021
ISBN: 9781647221508
Pages: 248
Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.25 x 1

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Josh Parker, : Josh Parker is a writer but could file his taxes under “monster mythographer,” “giant robot engineer,” or “desert planet ecologist” for his role in science-fiction franchise world-building. He is also a self-proclaimed nerd with a Star Wars and Alien problem, as well as an avid gamer with a fondness for immersive, open-world storytelling. He lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and two cat children, one of which is orange and named Jonesy.